Welcome to the Art Center at 770 Cumberland Street. The building houses our gallery space and will be the site of our future gatherings and entertainments.  The gallery presents a new exhibition each month with a focus on member artists and new talent emerging in the area.

We are open Saturday mornings from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, during classes and events and of course on First Fridays for exhibition receptions.

Gallery 770 at the Lebanon Arts Council presents the Smartphone 50/50 Shootout Competition. This year the gallery is filled with pictures from more than a dozen smartphone photographers. The pictures range from intimate portraits to panoramic views with some very interesting and eye catching images in between. The winner at the end of the night after 82 voters passed through the show was Hope Kutenits. Hope repeated her success of the previous year with another picture of a cat which got 10 votes. She wins $100, her half of the entry money. Runner up was Amy Wissinger, whose landscape of a lake in a forest got 7 votes. Joe Kopenhaver’s Music of the Heart photo got 6 votes as did Brandon Karoscik’s Little Monster. There were three other photographers who got 5 votes, Margaret Kilgore’s Sailing Ship, Chloe Diamond’s Lightbulb and Spencer Katz’s  Vertigo picture.

Facebook Gallery of Images

Visit the Boutiques on the Second floor of the Building and stock up on art supplies, pictures, arts & crafts, gently used clothing and household goods. All proceeds go to support the Art Center.

Click to download the Art Walk Map

For February the Traditional Music Session at Union House Taproom in Richland happens on Saturday, February 17th from 5-8 PM. The theme for the musicians is Love Songs or Tunes dedicated to a loved one.

Next month our galleries will be filled with artwork from the Cedar Crest School District, featuring work from the Elementary Schools, and the Middle and High School students.





6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Anthony Morgan says:

    Hours when you are open?

    1. LVCAWebmaster says:

      Saturday mornings from 10 to 1:00 and on First Fridays from 5 until 8 PM

  2. Anita Winer says:

    We stopped by at 11:50 today Sept 3 and the doors were locked. We would like to see your recent exhibit. Please email me your hours.
    Anita Winer.

    1. LVCAWebmaster says:

      I’ll be in the Gallery on Saturday morning October 1st, between 10 AM and 1 PM. I’m sorry we missed you on the 3rd, I had to leave early that day.

  3. Lally Rivera says:

    Hello!I would love to know how to become a member if this is possible. And if only schools can do exhibitions. Or other people too? I ask because I moved recently to lebanon I really know nothing around here but I paint..

    1. LVCAWebmaster says:

      Anyone can join. Download a form from this link. http://lebanonartscouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/MembershipApplication2.pdf
      Exhibit in December’s Membership show. Submit a portfolio to be considered for a solo exhibition.

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