Veterans Show

The 3rd Annual Veterans Show
Featuring paintings from Navy Veteran Steve Wetzel, Air Force Vet Gary Shiner, Infantry Veteran
Jerome Wright and our youngest ex servicewoman, Candy Sparks.
Candy’s mixed media carries her message. The influence of dark events comes through loud and clear in these brightly colored pieces of art. Gary Shiner’s work touches on the pain of veterans but most of his paintings are about the pleasure of color and a beautiful seashore. Steve Wetzel reacts to the color of sunrise on the river or a balcony caught in a stream of light with his direct Impressionistic brushwork, while a couple of large paintings by Jerome Wright reflect his pleasure in dance and music expressed in veils of color and translucent glazes.
Another veteran Jack Cantwell joins us to sign copies of his recent book, “Life Expressed in 25 Words or Less”.

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