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LVCA is located at 770 Cumberland St Lebanon PA 17042

Contact: lebanonartscouncil@gmail.com 717 273 0033


The Mission of the Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts is to promote all
disciplines of the arts and encourage greater appreciation of the arts, thereby enhancing the quality of life in the region.

The Vision of the Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts is to provide
organization, leadership, and a voice for the arts to transform people and
communities. We believe where there is art, there is life, and we envision the arts for everyone.

We serve as an advocate for artists working in all the disciplines and a clearinghouse for information on all aspects of the arts. We host an exhibition series based in our Gallery 770. We promote theater, music and dance performances and are the coordinating organization behind Lebanon’s First Friday Art Walk.

Our services to the community include classes for children and adults. We offer inexpensive studio rentals aimed at artists. Our website is a gateway to the sites of member artists and organizations. Our space is also available for meetings, celebrations, and community events.

Our concept of the arts includes all the performing arts, including dance music and theater, as well as the visual arts, literary arts and language arts. We believe that the presence of the arts here in the Lebanon Area enriches our individual lives and enhances the quality of life for our entire community.


Membership is open to the general public and to artists, artisans, craftspeople, businesses, government officials and organizations interested in promoting the arts and culture in Lebanon.

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6 responses to “About Us”

  1. As an amateur photographer, still learning the ropes, I am having trouble finding a good reason to join. Can you give me a little more, in depth, information? Thank you.

    • John,
      Thanks for your interest in our Arts Group. Many of our members fall into the amateur photographer category and to cater to them we have photography classes once or twice a year. Members get to have a free entry in our annual Smartphone 50/50 competition and also get to show with other members in the “December is for Members” group show. You will also get information on our site about the other exhibitions which are listed in the monthly First Friday Art Walk map. Feel free to let us know if you have any areas special photographic interest, such as portrait, night photography or Photoshop post processing in which we can help you.
      Seamus Carmichael, Webmaster

  2. Hi,
    I am considering a move to the area, more specifically Mt. Gretna, and was looking for studio space. I was thinking Lebanon would be a good place to start. I was hoping you might have some ideas?

    • Andrew,
      Thanks for your interest in the Lebanon area. The Council has inexpensive 24/7 studio space available in its building at 734 Willow Street. Visit us on Friday night for the reception to close the current exhibition and meet a current studio space occupant, or come in on a Saturday morning to see the available spaces and learn about our options for renters.
      For further details contact Sharon Zook szook@snitzcreek.com who is the current President and handles the rentals.
      Seamus Carmichael
      Webmaster LVCA

    • There is generally someone in the Gallery on a Saturday morning from 10 until 1 PM, or contact Sharon Zook at 717-821-1503

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