Board of Directors

Board of Directors
All directors may be contacted at the following e-mail address: LebanonArtsCouncil (at)


Sharon Zook
Erik Soulliard
Carol Edris
Angela Funk
Abby Dupler Kenneth Jones  Joyce Blouch  Courtney Reimann  Donald Henderson

3 thoughts on “Board of Directors”

  1. Ginger Snyder says:

    I received mail today here at Calvary Chapel Lebanon for the Arts Council.
    I did open it and it is an $800 check from Lebanon School District.

    Would you like to pick it up or should I put it in your mail slot?

    Ginger Snyder

  2. Karen Brown says:

    I recently learned that my Summer artist has moved to Carlisle and feels it would be difficult to honor her commitment to show her work with us. It was very short notice but I told her I would try my best to find a replacement and she should do the same.
    Do you have any artists you would recommend that would be willing to replace her for the Summer Season? ( I usually have them submit artwork for approval since I get all kinds… some very good and some… not so much. ) The show would require 23-25 pieces of work , mostly medium to a few large in size. (I actually have Summer and Fall available but I need to fill Summer first.) I realize that it is show season and this might be difficult for 1 person to do a season-long commitment. I would consider a split show or a group show as long as it is quality work from a seasoned artist(s).
    (We do not take commission.) (Summer season begins 2nd week in June to second week in September).
    Thanks for any help you can give me,
    Karen Brown
    Trattoria Fratelli

    1. LVCAWebmaster says:

      I just noticed this message when I was updating our website and wanted you to know about the artist listing feature. This may come in handy for when you need to find artists for Trat Frat.

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