Smartphone 50/50 Competition

Hope Kambakis

In 2010 we noticed that people could take pictures with their phones and that a few of these devices had pretty good resolution, so we started a competition to showcase these photographs. We called it Smartphone 50/50 Shootout, because half the entry fees were given to the owner of the picture which got the most votes. It’s time for this year’s iteration of the Smartphone 50/50 Shootout, so get your best phone pictures printed and framed, because as you know it never really existed until it was printed and framed.

Here is a copy of the entry form you need to submit with your work. Each entry costs $5, and you can submit up to 4 photos. Arts Council Members get one free entry if they submit a paid entry.

The winning picture this year proved that nothing attracts votes like a cute animal. The top vote getter was a picture of a handsome black cat by Hope Kambakis which got 9 votes from the 78 people who braved the cold winds on Friday, February 3rd, 2017.

Other photos that got 5 or more votes were Nancy Soulliard’s whose baby hawk picture cleared that limit. Angie D’Angelo and Seamus Carmichael got 6 votes each for their “Cracked Americana” and “Snowy Farm” pictures, and Josiah Koppenhaver got 7 votes for his picture of a girl with a Coke bottle.